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Spiders contribute to the ecosystem by eating other insects. However, they can multiply and cause an infestation quickly. Dr Bug Pest Control can diagnose and treat your spider problem when you call (262) 229-9149. If not, we’ll come back and retreat for free.

What To Expect from Our Services

A certified, licensed pest professional will talk to you about your spider problems, perform a thorough inspection, and present treatment options specific to the size, type, and scale of the issue. From there, you choose a treatment program. Treatment itself includes strategically placed product in any areas providing opportunities for spiders to enter, exit, and multiply.

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Communication, dependability, and responsive follow-ups.

Acute treatment that includes under eaves, around foundation, and around windows and doors.

Customized treatment solutions.

Fast-drying, safe products.

Experts in specialized pest control treatments for ants, stinging insects, spiders, and seasonal invaders.

Locally owned and family operated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most spider issues can be resolved by treating the exterior, so often times there’s no need for interior treatment. We try to avoid spraying products inside your home whenever possible. We recommend consistent treatments to keep the spider population under control. In rare cases where the spider population is abundant indoors, an interior treatment will be suggested.

Yes! At every service, we walk the perimeter of your home and remove any accessible spider webs from the exterior. With continued treatments, your house should remain relatively free of spiders and their webs.

As with any insect, we cannot eliminate 100% of them. The goal is to reduce their numbers to a reasonable amount. Therefore, you can expect roughly a 90% reduction in spider activity. If you are not satisfied, we will work with you to remedy the situation.

Trust the Professionals at Dr Bug

Call Dr Bug at (262) 229-9149 if you live in Oconomowoc or the surrounding area to request a free quote. In addition to spiders, we help control ants, stinging insects, and seasonal invaders.

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