Seasonal Invaders

Changing of seasons bring on multiple different insects that seek refuge and warmth in your homes throughout the year. Dr Bug Pest Control specializes in these types of insects. Call (262) 229-9149 to get a free quote.

What Are Seasonal Invaders?

Seasonal invaders can be an issue year round, but often enter homes in search of warmth and food leading up to winter. Contact Dr Bug if you experience issues with any of the following:

Asian Lady Beetle, Ladybug Removal in Oconomowoc

Asian Lady Beetles

Box Elder Bug Extermination in Oconomowoc

Box Elder Bugs

Centipede Control near Oconomowoc


Earwig Removal around Oconomowoc WI


Oconomowoc Stinkbug Control


What To Expect from a Treatment

Our all-inclusive services focus on combining modern techniques with the most effective products to help rid your home of unwanted insects. All treatments include the following:


Inspect - Every treatment begins with an inspection. We walk the perimeter of the home searching for potential issues. Our trained eyes know what to look for when dealing with insects. Then, we communicate any structural issues that warrant concern to you. Examples include gaps in siding, windows that need to be sealed, areas that need caulk, trees that need trimming, etc. These types of improvements seal the house and keep out insects.


Clean - All accessible spider webs and wasps’ nests are removed from the exterior of the home utilizing equipment that reaches heights up to 30 feet. This greatly improves the curb appeal of your home. Additionally, our treatments help prevent new webs and nests from forming.


Protect & Report - We use the most advanced products and equipment to thoroughly treat your home. Exterior treatments include treating around foundation, doors, windows, and eaves. Any place that is likely to harbor or provide insects access to your home is treated. We also provide interior treatments when necessary. Our thoroughness is what sets us apart from other pest control companies.

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Experts in specialized pest control treatments for ants, stinging insects, spiders, and seasonal invaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seasonal Invaders can be crawling insects or flying insects. Once these insects crawl or land on the house, they make contact with our treatment, killing them before they have a chance to enter the structure.

The best pest control treatment for seasonal invaders is a preventative treatment applied to the home’s exterior. The purpose is to completely prevent entry. Once inside the home, your best bet is to vacuum them as you see them. In rare cases, an interior treatment may be suggested.

Generally, no. Insects such as box elder bugs, Asian beetles, and stink bugs are categorized as nuisance pests that typically don’t pose any threat to you or your home.

Yes. As with most insects, we cannot totally eliminate them, but you can expect around an 85-95% reduction.

These insects are active during spring and summer too, but they generally live in the trees during these seasons as they continue to develop and mature. When fall arrives, they seek shelter, often in large numbers, to hibernate for the winter.

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