Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, and hornets, can ruin a good day for some and pose serious health risks to others. At Dr Bug Pest Control, we specialize in these insects, and treatment is guaranteed to work for 60 days. Call (262) 229-9149 to find out more or request a free quote.

What To Expect from Our Services

We want you to be able to enjoy your deck or patio without worry of being stung. That’s why we treat areas other companies neglect with a residual product that lasts up to two months. Our experts physically remove nests and maintain safety for you, your loved ones, and the surrounding ecosystem.

Expert Stinging Insect Control in Oconomowoc


These are the good guys. We need bees to pollinate so that the rest of us can survive. We do everything we can not to harm the bees.

Oconomowoc Stinging Insect Removal


Unlike bees, wasps are a nuisance pest that can cause serious harm to you or your loved ones. They live in isolated nests, mud daubs, or even underground.

Professional Bee, Wasp and Hornet Extermination near Oconomowoc


Like wasps, hornets can sting multiple times, and they’re more aggressive. They nest using wood pulp under tree branches. These social insects protect their nests at all costs.

Get Rid of Stinging Insects with Dr Bug

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Why Choose Dr Bug?

Treatment includes under eaves, and around windows and doors, unlike competitors who only treat the foundation.

Emphasis on specific insects, including ants, spiders, seasonal invaders, and stinging insects.

Customized solutions for treatment and prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We make protecting the bees our top priority. Specifically, we avoid treating flowering plants and places where bees frequent.

Yes, we remove all accessible wasp nests that are accessible within reach from the home’s exterior. We treat nests inside walls when necessary to ensure they are inactive. We can remove the nest, if necessary. However, we are not licensed for construction work to replace the damaged walls.

Yes, we guarantee that wasps and hornets will not build nests on the structure. While we can’t prevent their flying, we can prevent them from nesting on your structure. If they return, we will re-treat free of charge.

Unfortunately, no. Our treatments focus on the home. However, joining a seasonal plan ensures multiple treatments and one-off services at discounted rates.

Trust the Professionals at Dr Bug

If you live in Oconomowoc or the surrounding area and need help removing stinging insects, call Dr Bug at (262) 229-9149 to request a free quote. We also control ants, spiders, and seasonal invaders.

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